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AGM Report

Annual General Meeting at Dalton and Gayles Village hall on Tuesday 19th March 2013


Present: Tim Mawer, Ian Tallentire, Sue Farr, Jim Sadler, June Hines, Janet and Graham Paterson, Geoff and Pat Lawrance, Alan and Linda Sherwood, Jean Teasdale, Ada Lund, Tom Hay, Sheila Wappat, Stephanie Allen, Moira McCauley, Martyn and Carole Dean, Tim Ellis, Ann Marchbanks, David and Margaret Taylor, Lilian Brooks, Stuart Hopper, Jerry Carey.


1.      Apologies: Alison Brooks, Lilian Hay, Linda Richmond, Jack and Mary Blackburn.

2.      Minutes: Minutes from the 2012 AGM were read, approved and signed by Tim Mawer. Factually correct. No matters arising.  Also handed out were “Comments from the summary of completed surveys received”

3.      Chairman’s Report:  The Chair reported that it had been a busy year for the hall. The internal refurbishment has been completed with the purchase of a commercial cooker and general improvements to the kitchen; storage cupboards in the Supper Room; and a programme of general maintenance overseen by Alan Sherwood and Graham Paterson.


Linda Sherwood et al has been modernising the legal footing of the VH. The trustees of the Hall are now the committee members with adequate insurance protection. Almost completed the registering of the land upon which the Hall sits, updating the deeds and formalising boundaries with adjacent land owners.


We have set up a dedicated website for the Hall – www.daltongaylesvillagehall.co.uk


In accordance with the questionnaire, we have tried to broaden events at the Hall with a Bar Night which is on the last Friday of every month. We have had a film night, local history talks, jewellery classes and a craft class.  Zumba classes are also to begin on Thursday 21st March.


The Hall now has the status of a Community Hub, run by Rural Action Yorkshire, who has given us support to run a luncheon club for which we have been given a £500 grant for the purchase of cooking equipment.


We have had a good year with our regular events. The Summer Produce Show was a particular success as it was held in the hall rather than the large marquee, thus making a profit. The pantomime was very successful.


In addition, in June there was the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The Hall hosted a Jubilee tea, photographs and a village walk and the hall was filled with so many local people. In November, the Hall held a concert with the band “From the Jam” with 300 attending. With the help of sponsorship this event made around £4,000 profit. Many thanks to the incredible work by Jeff Thirlbeck who organised the biggest event the hall has ever seen.


There have been changes to the Committee with Ian Greaves standing down as Chairman, many thanks to him and Julia for all their work on the Committee especially the Summer Show.  Ann Marchbanks is leaving us after 14 years, originally as a member of the Wine Circle and many thanks for all her hard work.  We have two new members in Martyn and Moira who have worked hard in their new role.


Our next project, which was highlighted as a problem on the questionnaire, is to improve the car park. With funding from a Lottery grant and the proceeds of the “From the Jam” concert we are close to the required amount to level and tarmac the whole frontage of the village hall. We continue to apply for funding streams when they become available and use the money to improve the Hall.


We are celebrating the Hall’s Diamond Jubilee in December this year and would like to celebrate with a 1950’s style theme.


So, a busy but good year for the Hall. We thank everybody for their support and without the people we don’t have a village hall so it is vital that we use the hall otherwise we will lose it.


4.      Treasurer’s Report:  The Treasurer would like to thank David Taylor for auditing the accounts and said this was much appreciated.

PETTY CASH  opened £11.00                                CURRENT ACCOUNT opened £4,109.00

                       closed   £11.00                                                                  closed   £9,322.00


This financial year 2012 has been another busy year for the Hall and its Committee. Although the weather and the lack of interest in some events lead to some being cancelled namely The Big Breakfast, Tea in the Hall and The Easter Egg Hunt, these have or will be resurrected in the coming year.  The Ceilidh was removed to make way for the “From the Jam” concert which was a major success in terms of financially, as well as the organisation of it. The biggest event I believe in terms of numbers the Hall has ever held.  It bought in a profit of £3,943.  A big thanks to Tim Mawer and Jeff Thurlbeck who organised the event.

The Pantomime again was a huge success, again it was a sell out and had an extra nights performance bringing in a profit of £1,728.  A big thank you to all those who are involved in it. Interestingly, the Produce Show reversed its fortunes in actually bringing in a profit for the first time ever of £550 as opposed to the big loss on the year prior of £1,162. This was mainly down to the scrapping of the marquee and a days decent weather.

A new event, the Recycle Sale raised £222.00 profit.  Also new was the History Talks which made £104.00 The Queen’s Jubilee bought in a profit after the gifts of the coins to the children of £268, this figure also contained the sale of the photographs from it.

Film Night lost £8.00 but I believe that those that came had a thoroughly enjoyable night.

Whilst the Hall hopes to make a bit back on its events, its aim is to be diverse, to appeal to all members of the local community, hence some events are always going to be more popular than others, and more profitable and vice versa.

 received.  It shows a loss on the balance sheet but it hasn’t taken into account the £300 which was paid in at the start of the current year or the replenished stock to the value of approximately £200 so all in all its true balance is a profit of possibly around the £400 mark.

The overall event for the year amassed a total of £6956.00 not including hall hire up by £4968 on the previous year.


Hall Hire was up by £136 to £2706.00 most of this is attributed to private hire which rose from £886 to £1261.00. Overall income for the year rose £3774 to £9,661.00.


Donations – there were no real large donations to record from this last year.


Expenses were down on the year as there was less major works this year. One thing to note were the arrival of a new cooker @ £362.28 and the kitchen floor and cupboards in the Supper Room which all came to a total of £2651.33 of which we were able to acquire two grants to the total of £1290 thanks to Sue Farr.

Insurance shown on the balance sheet of £294 included a rebate of £800 in which we changed insurers mid year. We therefore had to pay £1106.25 to another insurer but it accounts for only 6 months charge and 18 months bought forward to this current year in charges.

Likewise, the electric and water had been estimated low at the end of the previous year then actually read in the beginning of the current year of these accounts.


Conclusion An excellent year for the Hall with the Jam concert grossing most of the extra profit giving us a profit of £5,213 on the year as opposed to a loss of £1,190 on the year prior.  The Hall is in good financial standing and is becoming a modern and vibrant hall to which it is being well used, given the current economic climate, long may it continue.


From myself and the Committee may I say a big thank you for your attendance and support over the last twelve months and look forward to your help and support for the forthcoming year.


No questions were forthcoming.

5.      Election of Officers

Tim Mawer as Chairman, Ian Tallentire as Treasurer and Alison Brooks (in her absence) as Secretary  - all proposed and seconded to keep their positions.


6.      Any other Business

Web site not showing up on Google searches.

Lilian Brooks stated that the recent Big Breakfast was an eggcellent event and many thanks to Martyn Dean and his team of merry leprecorns.

Flyers to be increased to 165 as some residents were not getting theirs.

Linda Sherwood proposed that a Youth representative on the Committee would be a good way of improving communication with the younger residents of the two villages.

A big thank you to the cleaners who have done a great job throughout the year keeping the Hall in its pristine condition.

There was no other business and the meeting closed at 8.10 pm.