Dalton and Gayles Village Show

Saturday 17th August 2019

Open to residents of Dalton, Gayles, Newsham, Ravensworth, Whashton, Kirby Hill & Barningham, as well as their relatives and guests.


Entries to be displayed 8-10am, judging from 10.30am. Hall opens 2pm for viewing. Entries may not be removed before 3.30pm and those remaining at 4.15pm will be auctioned for village hall funds.

Entries 30p each: one entry per category


Ryland cup for most points in show

L & D Brooks Trophy for best exhibit in show


Section 1 - Fruit and Vegetables

M & J Blackburn cup for most points

1.1 Three apples (any variety)

1.2 A cabbage with root

1.3 A marrow

1.4 Three potatoes - washed

1.5 Three round beetroot (with 3inch tops showing)

1.6 Four pods of peas

1.7 Four pods of broad beans

1.8 Four runner or French beans

1.9 Any fruit

1.10 Three courgettes

1.11 Three carrots (with 3 inch tops showing)

1.12 Three onions (with 3 inch tops showing)

1.13 Three tomatoes – not cherry

1.14 A bunch of radishes

1.15 One cucumber

1.16 Head of lettuce

1.17 Any other vegetable not listed

1.18 Collection of five vegetables or fruit

1.19 Five cherry tomatoes

1.20 Longest stick of rhubarb


Section 2 - Flowers

Stanwix rose bowl for best exhibit

Darwin Trophy for best rose

Trophy for best sweet peas

2.1 Two stems of foxgloves

2.2 Three stems of sweet peas

2.3 A single dahlia

2.4 Three roses

2.5 A single rose for scent only

2.6 Two stems of gladioli

2.7 Any pot plant flowering

2.8 Any herb in pot

2.9 A sunflower

2.10 Three spikes of antirrhinum

2.11 Any other flower not listed

2.12 A vase of mixed garden flowers


Section 3 -Cookery

Anderson Turnbull trophy for men and boys’ cookery

Dalton Mill trophy for best bread product

R & S Allen trophy for most points

Dalton & Gayles YCA Trophy for best Victoria sponge

3.0 Olive bread

3.1 1lb tin granary loaf

3.2 Three traditional fruit scones

3.3 A fruit cake (1lb loaf tin)

3.4 Three plain meringues

3.5 Victoria sponge (2 tins, jam filling only)

3.6 Apple pie (short crust pastry)

3.7 A round of shortbread

3.8 Three butterfly buns

3.9 Three pieces of tray bake

3.10 A cake containing a vegetable / vegetables

3.11 A savoury flan

3.12 Three cheese scones

3.13 Three sausage rolls

3.14 Men and Boys – Key Lime Pie


Section 4 - Preserves

Wappat trophy for most points

Jars to be sealed with cellophane seal or metal lid

4.1 Jar of strawberry jam

4.2 Jar of jelly

4.3 Jar of any other jam

4.4 Jar of lemon curd

4.5 Jar of orange marmalade

4.6 Jar of chutney

4.7 Jar of pickled onions

4.8 Jar of chilli jam

4.9 Four fresh eggs


Section 5 - Handicraft

Mushens trophy for best exhibit

5.1 A knitted garment

5.2 A knitted or crochet bag

5.3 A knitted or crochet novelty

5.4 A piece of embroidery

5.5 A painting or drawing

5.6 A piece of jewellery

5.7 A cross stitched item

5.8 I made it myself

5.9 I made it myself (under 16s)


Section 6 - Photography (photos no bigger than 7”X 5”)

Paterson trophy for best photo in section

6.1 Flowers or plants

6.2 A portrait

6.3 An animal

6.4 A funny photo (with caption)

6.5 Food

6.6 Local scenery


Section 7 - Children

Only one entry per child per subject please.


7.1a A self-portrait (A4 any medium)

7.2a Handwriting: first 2 lines of ‘Teddy Bear’ by A. A. Milne

7.3a A mask

7.4a An animal made of fruit and/or veg

5-7 years

7.1b A self-portrait (A4 any medium)

7.2b Handwriting: last verse of ‘Teddy Bear’ by A. A. Milne

7.3b A wooden spoon character

7.4b A junk monster

7.5b A decorated cup cake

8-10 years

7.1c A self-portrait (A4 any medium)

7.2c Handwriting: first and last verse of ‘Teddy Bear’ by A. A. Milne

7.3c A kitchen utensil character

7.4c A selfie photo with funny caption

7.5c A decorated cup cake

11+ years

7.1d A self-portrait (A4 any medium)

7.2d Handwriting: 1st, 5th, 6th & last verses  - ‘Teddy Bear’ by A. A. Milne

7.3d An original illustrated poem (on computer, print-out)

7.4d A selfie with funny caption

7.5d A neon decorated cup cake


Section 8 - Drinks

Alan Braithwaite award for best exhibit

Dalton and Gayles Wine Circle Trophy for Best Wine

Wine to be presented in a clear bottle with a cork or stopper.

8.1 Homemade wine red or white

8.2 Sloe gin

8.3 A flavoured gin (not sloe)

8.4 Whisky fruit liqueur

8.5 Any soft drink


Section 9 - Flower Arranging

Mushens trophy for flower arranging

9.1 A floating flower arrangement

9.2 An arrangement in a single colour

9.3 A bouquet of flowers