October 2015 ~ FAST Broadband has arrived!
A small group of people have been working to get FAST Broadband into Holmedale and we have succeeded!! But why I hear you ask when BT will eventually do it!

Well that's the crux of it when will they eventually to do it ??? the answer is a long time, well into 2018 or even longer as they have to upgrade to 2 exchanges build lots of boxes and lay miles of new line and even then you need to be a maximum of a kilometer away from a box to get superfast, so outlaying homes/farms still wouldn't get it with a limited market it doesn't make  good commercial practice.

The alternative is a wireless system that uses radio technology and small receivers, the only down side is it needs to have a direct line of site  (not even a tree in the way) to work but most obstacles can be overcome in most cases with use of repeating units.

I guess the next question will be why do I need it?
Faster broadband will mean you can download pictures videos, films and TV programmes without having to wait hours or watch the little whirly thing. School children will find it useful and small business users working from home will find it invaluable.

Attached are 2 documents (links at the bottom of this page) one FAQs and the other form to sign up for faster broadband, please note prices are plus VAT and that a discount to the one off charge of £200 (down to £150) will kick in when we reach a take up figure of 45, details under the signature section.

Not many of your current routers (the unit that you plug your phone line into) will be able to be reused so there is an option to order a new one through Clannet, you can do this now or add to the order when they survey your house for reception.

An additional option, which can be added anytime, is a phone adapter so you can make calls through your computer - no line rental and call costs are low - this would mean you could cancel your BT land line and after the first year will start making a saving.

The form requires a signature so must be printed off and posted or scanned back in and emailed to info@clannet.co.uk, please cc magscran@hotmail.co.uk

NOTE there is nothing to pay till you are fully connected.

Clannet have achieved a success rate of 95% in other areas and will work hard to get a service to us all.

A number of volunteers will be in your village over the coming weeks to help and we can provide a hard copy of the form should you wish

Kirby Hill and Whashton -  Zoe Worner 
Dalton -  Sue Farr
Gayles  - Mags Cran

We are looking to include outlying farms and homes so please feel free to mention this to your neighbours and are looking to extend along the dale should the interest be there.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us:
magscran@hotmail.co.uk - 07835 923158, sue@sjfarr.freeserve.co.uk, zoe.worner@gmail.com
Zoe Worner,
28 Oct 2015, 14:18
Zoe Worner,
28 Oct 2015, 14:16